Grow #3


Grow is a long-form illustrated biology magazine aiming to break down boundaries that often exist between science, art, identity, politics, and design, telling creative stories that ask “what if we could grow everything?”.

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How has biology contributed to inequities in our society? How could our field contribute to a fairer world in the future? The past two years have shown us the high cost of the inequities in the bio-sciences: biomedical racism manifesting in vastly disparate health outcomes, and a widespread suspicion of biotechnological innovation. The stories in this issue trace where these inequities come from, how they manifest today, and what we can do to overturn them. Our authors also explore the other side of equity — shares in a corporation — and how the companies we work for can perpetuate social inequality. Featuring a diverse cast of writers and illustrators, a coloring book page, and a sticker sheet from Two Photon Art, this 140 page coptic-bound publication offers a glimpse into a more equitable world, one that all of us have a stake in.

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