Yuca #3


Edited in Colombia, YUCA is an independent publication integrating art, photography, culture, and literature. In each issue we’re inspired by an alibi that entices us to reflect upon cultural constructs and personal identities through visual and written content.

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The Sound Alibi & Time Issue

In this issue you will find: Instructions to cultivate time. Scores with no notes, no endings, no beginnings. Quests for silence, images of noise.Wake up calls. Buzzing clocks. Hissing muted under water.  The universe’s journey from fire to ice, and then from ice to fire. Filling out forms, emptied forms. A buchla played by a woman with light sleep. The omnipresence of absence. Eloquent silence. Futurist pasts. Archives of times to come. The voices and gestures of History. Tradition, Sci Fi and dystopia. Hopeless men. Hopeful millennials.

With contributions from:
Edgar Martins, Katrin Koenning, Newsha Tavakolian, Olga Capdevila, Babak Jalali, Annika Kappner, Maral Deghati, Timothy Prus, Mateo López, Pau G. Valls, Sophie Blais, Carmen Triana, Santiago Rodríguez Tarditi, Andergraun Films, Madelon van Schie, Der Greif, Joao Lima, Hans Laguna, Andy Poole, Anna Pahissa, Xavi Alías, Lautaro Mantilla, and more

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