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Lodown Magazine is taking contemporary pop- and street culture seriously without commercializing the idea. It‘s about disregarding the obvious and expecting the unexpected in order to fulfill certain expectations. It‘s about overcoming mediocrity. It‘s about challenging the readers by attacking their senses on every level imaginable.

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Will To Fight? Where’s The Fun? What The Fudge? There hardly isn’t any other acronym with such manifold definitions as WTF – and that’s exactly why we chose particular one to headline our forthcoming issue, because back in art school we’ve learned already that diversity and inclusion are the real grounds for creativity. So if you ever met a homeless person and thought they looked like royalty, if you ever screamed out loud because your brain couldn’t hardly cope with the beauty that lays in front of you, if you ever invited a bunch of Chinese strangers to pose on your bed as a way of bonding with a different culture – well, then this issue will be your new favorite thing, no doubt about it.

“WTF“ offers another ambiguous look an the leftfield side of pop culture and contemporary art.

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