Whitelies #10


Whitelies Magazine is a contemporary manual for the modern creative class longing for a timeless and sustainable approach on art, fashion and culture. The intent of Whitelies Magazine is to challenge the readers with cutting edge, thought-provoking content while allowing them to rest within an uncontaminated vision.

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We present this tenth issue of Whitelies Magazine as a meditation on the theme of Patience and invite the readers to take a breath and overcome short-term thinking.

Bonsai-expert Werner Busch invites us into his museum to talk about never-ending pieces of art, Cho Gi Seok dives into the sensation of holding your breath, Nicole Maria Winkler explores how bodies shift shape during pregnancy, Shintaro Sakamoto looks back onto a long career of shaping his genre, Mirai Moriyama gives us a rare insight into his world, William Forsythe & Diana Campbell are getting technical and Acte TM literally encourages us to wait. Charlotte Lapalus takes us on a meditation in the alps while Olivier Polge uncovers the beauty behind Chanel’s iconic perfume.

New beginnings sometimes require action, and sometimes they require us to stand still. We invite you to slow down your life with us in this calm issue.

Hermès, Mirai Moriyama, Cho Gi Seok, Osamu Yokonami, Nicole Maria Winkler, Shintaro Sakamoto, Andrea Rosso, William Forsythe, Diana Campbell, Charlotte Lapalus, Olivier Polge, Brendan George Ko, Vasantha Yogananthan, Hanayo

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