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Violet magazine isn’t just a fashion magazine. It’s a place to discover and grow, to learn from and to celebrate each other. The writing will be an on-going dialogue between iconic women and notables of fashion, cinema and art.

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I Am Walking Roots

Daughter of a giant of British theatre, Sir Peter Hall, Rebecca Hall was consistently cast – in life and on stage – as a quintessential white English rose. Yet Rebecca had long suspected her lineage was more complex. Time spent in the U.S led Rebecca to the discovery of her mother’s Black ethnicity – and the realisation that her family history has been subject to confusion and erasure in the form of her maternal grandfather ‘passing’ as white.

Photography  Yelena Yemchuk

Styling  Leith Clark

Interview  Emma Dabiri

“Racial politics right now are incredibly fraught and there are good guys and bad guys. But in art, it’s the grey area. It’s where we can explore how narrow the categories are that we use to circumscribe messy humanity. They can constrain the fullest possible expression of us.”– Rebecca Hall, Actress, Writer, Director, Producer

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