The Simple Things #112


The Simple Things is all about taking time to live well. We celebrate slowing down, enjoying what you have and making the most of where you live.

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HUMBLE – Catching windfalls & carving spoons. Spiced autumn trifle. Good jeans
Speaking up for the wild. Marrow & miso soup. Leaping salmon. Open a doorstep library. Why we love notes & jottings. Women in wartime. Berry treasures & black widow cocktails. Darning socks. A year of everyday magic

When leaves fall they don’t simply tumble to the ground, they drift and eddy, swirl
and even loop. It’s a graceful way to make an exit. There’s something humbling about this disrobing of giants despite trees being a veritable force on our planet; in great numbers they can reduce climate change, they create many habitats within their branches and provide us with useful materials, medicines and food. If there’s a best time to appreciate the humble tree, surely it’s autumn when, under their fiery facade, they signal the turning of the year. So, gather windfalls and whittle a spoon, use tree fruits in your kitchen and make something from wood. When putting pen to paper in a journal or curling up with a book, acknowledge the material that made them. And take time to listen to what the young, green and good have to say about protecting the wild. Step out in your local woods or park and find your favourite tree – there’s everyday magic there, anytime you need it.

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