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The Believer #118


A literature, arts, and culture magazine featuring journalism and essays that are frequently very long, book reviews that are not necessarily timely, and interviews that are intimate, frank, and also very long.

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HAGS in Your Face
by Michelle Tea
The untold story of the fierce young dyke gang that reigned over San Francisco in the 1990s.

A Field Guide to Central New Jersey
by Pari Chang
From her mother’s home in Monmouth County, our correspondent reports on the sights and sounds of Central New Jersey.


Stuff I’ve Been Reading
by Nick Hornby

What the Swedes Read
by Daniel Handler

A Comedian Speaks to Your Concerns
by Aparna Nancherla
Funny people answering serious questions.


The State of the Fact
by Joshua Wolf Shenk
A special forum featuring Carson Ellis, Rachel Khong, Sarah Manguso, Colin Meloy, Morgan Parker, and Matthew Zapruder

Vanna White
Interviewed by Leopoldine Core

Donald Hall
Interviewed by John O’Connor

The Process: Angela Dimayuga
by Sam Korman

Alissa Nutting
Microinterviewed by John Lee


by Leela Corman
A graphic narrative about ghosts, trauma, and women’s wrestling after World War II

“Boys Will Be Boys”
by Jennifer Camper
A satirical comic about toxic behavior and comeuppance, in which a retired baseball player is put on trial for thirty years of sexual violence against women.


A discussion about books and other cultural artifacts as they relate to the theme of “Lies,” featuring Hayden Bennett on fiction as a machine; M. Lynx Qualey on the literature of the Lebanese Civil War; David Roth on a sprawling history of dishonesty; and Hiya Swanhuyser on a forbidden literary device.


How to Talk to Bears
by Tennessee Jones

Tool: Keurig K55 Coffee Maker
by Dave Schilling

The Believer Book Award and Poetry Award Short Lists

Magical Negroes, Karate Masters, & Noble Savages
by Shawn Wen


“Nocoitus Lotion”: a new poem
by Alana Folsom

“Get Out”: a new poem
by Matthew Minicucci

“Rose Has Hands”: a new poem
by Maggie Smith

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