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SSAW is a biannual fashion and culture magazine that brings together the best of Finnish and international talent. Each issue is a  crafted collection of all things dear, relevant and genuine in fashion, art and culture. It features visually arresting editorials and captivating articles and interviews.

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SSAW Autumn Winter 2021
386 Pages
Roberts Semjonovs by Jack Pierson

Imruh Asha, Pau Avia, Ondine Azoulay, Thistle Brown, Laura Coulson, Delphine Danhier, Roxane Danset, Trent Davis Bailey, Léopold Duchemin, Ola Ebiti, Eber Figueira, Louise Ford, Chieska Fortune Smith, Estelle Hanania, Osma Harvilahti, Jasmine Hassett, Jordan Hemingway, Alex Huanfa Cheng, Tuomas Laitinen, Hart Lëshkina, Liv Liberg, Thomas Lohr, Sergei Pavlov, Jack Pierson, Maciek Pozoga, Lukasz Pukowiec, Ola Rindal, Adrian Samson, Johan Sandberg, Paul Sinclaire, Anita Szymczak, Danielle Van Camp, James Valeri, Jenna Westra, Hiu Zhi Wei

Jonathan Anderson, Grace Wales Bonner, Spencer Phipps, Nicolas Di Felice, Kevin Cummins, Jack Pierson, Fumiko Imano, MM6 Collective, Michael Bailey-Gates and Elina Brotherus

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