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Space Magazine is a new interior and culture biannually that combines frank photography and writing with the universal and sometimes extravagant subject of living. Space Magazine creates a new mark for mixing unique interiors and design with great stories. It includes interviews, reportages and portfolios.

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This issue of Space Magazine is dedicated to taking another look… at objects that seem ordinary or everyday, at people you somehow never met. It’s about that flood of recognition, sensing what you lost or maybe never had, a place or object that you somehow missed before. It’s a whisper of a feel- ing. It’s how we felt editing the photo essays and interviews in this issue – an assembly of people who charmed us with their way of being or seeing the world.
The theme – look again, look closer – arrived on a balmy afternoon in Rome this summer, looking at an exhibition by the great American photographer Sally Mann at the Gagosian gallery. Sally is of course celebrated for the images she took of her children growing up. For this series she had documented the studio of her close friend, the artist Cy Twombly for ten years before his passing in 2011. Twombly hated having his picture taken, so Sally’s portrait is of the creative process itself – his prolific chaos and appetite for colour. I would like to thank Sally and the Gagosian for their generosity in allowing us to publish work from the series – and for the inspiration.
You’ll find two encounters with our cover star, the minimalist architect John Pawson, on these pages. First, we stopped by John’s office in London’s King’s Cross, a white-walled loft-like space – as you might expect from the master min- imalist. John himself, however, is anything but austere – somewhat louche and boyish. “Oh yeah. I’m obsessive and a perfectionist,” he joked. “But only in that one area [architecture]. Clearly I’m not perfect myself.” We also took a visit to John’s first full architectural project, stunning Neuendorf house, in almond grove on the island of Mallorca, page 94. The house was completed in 1989, setting the tone for John’s oeuvre.
Photographer Brett Lloyd is captivated by “the agony and ecstasy on every street corner” in Naples, and he shoots his third cover for Space Magazine in the ancient city – a study of his friend, the model Aida Blue. Brett discovered Naples by accident back in 2010; arriving at the airport on a delayed flight from London, he missed the last train to the Amalfi Coast to meet friends and was forced to head into the city: “That trip was something I will never forget.” His Buon Appetito story is a secular pilgrimage to the city. Browsing through images, they feel somehow both modern and like scenes from a Caravaggio.
The nostalgic feeling you get flicking through these pages is a sense of seeing what you lost (or never had), of seeing what you missed seeing, of meeting the people you missed knowing. It’s the feeling that overcomes you when some small, fading beauty is fleetingly restored. It’s like receiving a call from the past, or from a beautiful place you’ve never seen before.

On the cover, Aida Blue, photographed in Naples by Brett Lloyd.

Issue 06

I am not a monk 
The modernist architect John Pawson is a master of minimalism. He invited us into in his London office to discuss his stellar career and to explain why, for him less is always more.
Photography Mikael Jansson, Interview Cath Clarke

High on the Chart
Since its first edition five years ago, the Chart Art Fair in Copenhagen has grown exponentially, bringing together artists, galleries, and collectors. We talk to the fair’s founder about the secret of its success.
Photography Elizabeth Heltoft, Interview Rasmus Folehave Hansen

Stories in the clay
in the Danish countryside, artists Karen Bennicke and Peder Rasmussen live and work together, burning the midnight oil in their studio. We caught up with the pair to talk art and life
Photography Elizabeth Heltoft, Text Rasmus Folehave

Almost there
Danish fashion designer Christel The was taking a break, getting away from it all, when a chance encounter with a restauranteur resulted in a new artistic outlet — a collection of ceramic tableware and cutlery.
Photography Elizabeth Heltoft, Text Rasmus Folehave

The art of living
Sometime in the 1990’s, photographer Mark Lebon — whose work is admired by Juergen Teller and David Slims — quit fashion, taking what he calls ‘semi-retirement’ to bring up his son. Now he’s back.
Portrait Juergen Teller, Photography Mark Lebon, Text Cath Clarke

The Knack
Celebrated interior designer Fernando Santangelo take us back to his hometown Montevideo in Uruguay where, amid the crumbled grandeur, he is renovating a historic building as a vacation home.
Photography Victoria Hely-Hutchinson, Interview Laura Allsop

Straight edge
Photographer Mikael Olsson journeys to the island of Mallorca to document Neundorf House, the first full project by the father of modern minimalism, architect John Pawson.
Photography Mikael Olsson

The mixologist
Partners in life and work, Terry Ellis and Keiko Kitamura’s south London home is an expression of their impeccable, exquisite taste as buyers of fashion and furniture for the Japanese store Beams.
Photography Casper Sejersen, Interview Skye Sherwin

Traces of life
The great American photographer Sally Mann spent a decade documenting the studio of her friend, the artist Cy Twombly. The result is a stunning insight into the painter’s process.
Photography Sally Mann, Text Cath Clarke

Closing the distance

In conversation with Greger Ulf Nilson, the photographer Torbjørn Rødland explains how he discovered his singular voice as an artist.

Portrait Henrik Saxgren, Photography Torbjørn Rødland,
Interview Greger Ulf Nilson

Lust for life

Danish chef and restaurateur Frederik Bille Brahe is a man on a mission. In a candid interview he talks about ambition, drive and his plans for a transatlantic outpost.

Photography Alessandro Furchino Capria, Interview Kristoffer Dahy Ernst

Buon appetito

Photographer Brett Lloyd gets under the skin of Naples, a city that flaunts its beauty and squalor like nowhere else… join him for some Neapolitan summer fun.

Photography Brett Lloyd

Special everyday

You might not know his name, but the Danish designer Erik Magnussen was a modernist genius. Take a tour of his studio in the family garage at his home north of


Photography Elizabeth Heltoft Arnby, Text Rasmus Folehave Hansen

A blast from the past

Space Magazine sets the photographer Ryan Lowry loose amid the baroque splendours of Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, a playground for Bavarian royalty

since the 17th century.
Photography Ryan Lowry

Pillow talk

The Swedish design entrepreneur Charlie Hedin reveals his latest venture – the luxury bedlinen company Tekla, and divulges the secrets of a perfect

night’s sleep.

Photography Philip Messmann, Interview Frederik Bjerregaard

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