Sonshine #15


Sonshine was created by Hayley Grove and Kirstie Beaven — writers, feminists and parents of boys — to explore the challenges and the joys that come with raising kind, thoughtful and empathetic (as well as loud, boisterous and hilarious) boys.

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This issue is all about nature, its impact on us (and our impact on it) and how we might nurture nature – and our children into the bargain.

We think how strengthening our connection with nature can help us all find moments of calm and mindfulness. In our Access to Nature section we ask how many of our boys are being subconsciously taught that nature is something to be dominated rather than something to be cared for? And how can we change that narrative, for all our sakes? We also explore why representation is so important to allow everyone to feel safe and welcomed to take up space in the natural world. Plus tips for foraging, how to guerrilla garden, and ideas for elevating your weekend walks with the kids so everyone looks forward to them!

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