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Sleek magazine is an art magazine in the widest sense, with a progressive view on what constitutes art. Dedicated to documenting and exploring the visual contemporary, we are committed to utilizing the universal language of the image to create unique connections between the cutting edge of culture and intellectual movements.

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Welcome to the summer 2019 edition of SLEEK!

For our Summer issue – covered by photographer Daniel Regan featuring Jim Longden – we’re looking into influence and everything it means aside from social media. After all, the arts, culture and fashion are meant to reflect and create new questions about the times we live in.

What interests us at SLEEK is what the concept of influence means. How, for instance, we assume that it’s such a new phenomenon, so of the zeitgeist, and impossible to imagine in any other climate other than our own social media saturated one, when, actually, influence has been a huge part of how pop culture and current affairs have developed over the last millennium.


— Ruby Brunton reflects on the origin of the word influence in “Influence: An Etymology”
— Writer and satirist Nimrod Kamer looks at the rise of fake influence, from CGI scammers to Anna Delvey.
—  Journalist Sophie Wilkinson meets the new generation of young British activists
— Three artists from this year’s Whitney Biennial — John Edmonds, Meriem Bennani and Paul Mpagi Sepuya — explore whether art still has the ability to leverage and transform popular opinion
—Sharon Eyal, as photographed by Carlota Guerrero, discusses her absurdly eccentric choreography
— Chris Kraus looks at the possibility of being a ‘total artist’ and David Wojnarowicz
—Model Jess Maybury collaborates with her boyfriend, the photographer Joshua Gordon, in the identity-swap photo story, “Jess and Joshua”
— Fashion writer Raven Smith selects his favourite books
— Charles Bramesco on Derek Jarman’s English Heritage plaque,
— Daniel Regan shoots a Spring/Summer  unisex editorial
— Kito Muñoz lenses menswear just outside of Madrid

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