Sirene #9


Sirene is an independent magazine printed on algae paper that talks about the sea, the ocean. About the relationship that we human beings have with water, and how this makes us happy.

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Kino’s Long Wave. An outrigger sailing canoe, a sea school and a young Hawaiian who dreams about the ocean of his forebears

Point Nemo. Even before being a geographical place, the oceanic pole of inaccessibility – the place at sea furthermost from any land-mass – is an absolute that attracts us and pushes us to go offshore above all in search of ourselves

Valerie’s Blue World. The ocean of the 60s / 70s was a mysterious and unknown place. Under the surface of the water, a universe was waiting to be explored, where Valerie and Ron Taylor were pioneers, whose dives and documentaries knew no boundaries

Passengers at Dawn. A ship, an archipelago made up of volcanoes and a slow journey in which the destination surprises you, suddenly

Mike & Joey swimming Na Pali Coast. A place of dangerous beauty, faced with brazen simplicity. Seventeen miles of Pacific Ocean beneath lava cliffs a hundred metres high. One stroke after the other, becoming part of the water you’re swimming in

The Women of Jeju Island. Every day they dive into the sea for hours, regardless of the season, to gather algae and shellfish. This practice has continued for centuries off the coast of South Korea. The Haenyeo are women who choose a dangerous calling rather than conform to mainland customs

Soul Surfers. A group of friends, but also another way to face the waves and life. In Japan

The School Where Boats Are Reborn. To build a boat is a complex and timeless act. The root of each step – and, above all, the emotion that drives it – is ancient, even when the technology used is modern. At Newport, the International Yacht Restoration School represents a point where these skills, suspended between the past and the future, are carefully handed down

In Waves. Surfing like a passionate love letter, like a cure for pain, like a way to fix one’s memories

Two Mermaids in the Sea of Malta. Moving in the sea, naked. As if in utero. As if land were an inevitable necessity, yet knowing that water is our natural state.

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