Sirene #8


Sirene is an independent magazine printed on algae paper that talks about the sea, the ocean. About the relationship that we human beings have with water, and how this makes us happy.

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The Contagious Oceans of Thor Heyerdahl. Fifty years have gone by, the year was 1969, two men landed on the moon. The Earth, also thanks to the enterprises of the anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl, was still a place capable of inspiring great intellectual challenges and great sea explorations.

Salt. The Memory of Water. It is in our body as it is in the ocean. It is the footprint that the sea has left in our life.

Dan Costa. The Atlantic of the Sun that Sets. Dizzying cliffs, endless beaches, the ocean at the height of its power. Secret places to go to on the right days. For surfer and shaper Dan Costa the Alentejo is not just a territory, it’s a lifestyle.

Twenty-one Stripes on Your Back. More than a fabric, it’s a state of mind. Something to do with wind and sea that you need every so often to escape from the daily grind.

Looking for Whales. Knowing the history of sperm whales and humpbacks can tell us a lot about their future and a little bit about ours.

Above the Eyes. Below the Water. Archipelago of Wakatobi, Banda Sea. To make the passage from top to bottom, from air to water even more fluid, the Bajau wear spartan eyeglasses in wood and glass. Preserving their craft is an old master in a pile dwelling in the village of Sampela.

The Long Way Around the Americas. No goals or limits. Only a driving need to sail the open sea aboard Lady Free, a wooden pilot cutter, and to discover some of the most remote places on the planet.

The Last Pilot Book. An ancient way to come close to land, to read the Mediterranean, and perhaps to move in time and not just in space.

Tomoka Fukuda. The ocean is in no hurry. If your destiny is to connect with the briny depths, it doesn’t have to happen within a certain age or a particular period of life – just at the right time. That’s how it went for freediving champion, Tomoka Fukuda, one of only five women to have dived below 100 meters.

Pantelleria. The Daughter of the Wind. No source, no torrent, few outlets to the sea. The volcano is not fond of them. At Pantelleria water is something far away. Something distant. Metaphysical. Elusive. Or hidden.

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