Sick #3


SICK is completely written and created by chronically ill + disabled people, publishing features, essays, interviews, art, poetry and more

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Essays, features, poetry, art & more from Clay AD, Polly Atkin, Timothy Bair, Sophie Buck, Jen Campbell, Elizabeth Bolton Cartsonas, Beyza Durmuş, Indira Fernando, Ruth Gilmour, Lucy Hurst, Oli Isaac, Sukhjeen Kaur, Michelle Knappe, Karl Knights, Catriona Morton, heidi andrea restrepo rhodes, Emily Robb, Chaya Rusk, Michael Russel, Olivia Spring, Melodie Stancato, Kaiya Waerea, and Elspeth Walker

Designed by Kaiya Waerea
Cover art by Beyza Durmuş
Illustrations by Indira Fernando

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