Scenario #05.19 – Quantum Gravity


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Quantum Gravity

The two most important theories of modern physics, general relativity and quantum mechanics, have both been extensively supported by evidence, yet physicists have so far failed to unite them in a common theory. We have interviewed Dr. Daniele Oriti, group leader of theoretical physics at Ludwig-MaximiliansUniversität, Munich, Germany, about quantum gravity, an idea that seeks to do just that.
Furthermore in this issue: Behaviour | Full Circle: Marxism | The Scandinavian Model | Planned Obsolescence | Inside CIFS | Rent-a-family – the Commodification of Kinship Education in a Post-Scarcity Society | Muzak, Thank You! | Organisational Bloat | The Mystery of the Number 1/137 | Photo series: Niels Flink | Climate Inequality | News on Technology and Science | Futures Past: Dymaxion Car | Futures, Trends, Ideas, and much much more…

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