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Scenario #03.18 – Progressophobia


SCENARIO is the award-winning magazine on trends, ideas, visions, and possible futures. Developed by futurists from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies in collaboration with the brightest minds, notorious leaders, and prolific influences from around the world.

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Issue 3:2018: Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker has his fair share of fans and critics. His adherents see him as a daring intellectual willing to argue the case for rationality, reason, and human betterment in a world of pessimism and relativism. His detractors dismiss his view of the history of civilisation as a steady advance toward a better world as a defence of an unjust status quo. In his most recent book, Pinker continues to bang the drum for progress; overall, he believes, the world is moving in a positive direction — largely thanks to the application of the ideals of the European Enlightenment. Read the full interview with Pinker in this issue’s main feature. Other topics include: New Age Eugenics / Radio Renaissance / A Future for the Male Contraceptive Pill? / Populism, Euroscepticism and the Future of Europe / Rise of the Robot Writers / Scenario: A Day at the Office in the Year 2035 / Ditte Darkó: People & Planets / Futures Past: Tupolev TU-144 / Tech, Trends, Ideas, and Possible Futures…

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