Scenario #01.19 – Existential Risks


SCENARIO is the award-winning magazine on trends, ideas, visions, and possible futures. Developed by futurists from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies in collaboration with the brightest minds, notorious leaders, and prolific influences from around the world.

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Existential Risks

At the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk in Cambridge, top researchers study the global threats that can wipe out humanity and civilisation. We talked to the centre’s co-founder Martin Rees about existential risks and the long-term future of humanity. Also in this issue: Sex & Robots / Digital May Reign the Runway / Do We Really Have to Stop Eating Meat? / Blockchain & Trust / Are You Ambidextral? / The Bubble Society / The Future of Work / No Men Required / Vitamin D and Schizophrenia / The Super Smart Ulticard / Trends, Ideas, Visions and much more…

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