Scenario #02.18 – Afrofuturism


SCENARIO is the award-winning magazine on trends, ideas, visions, and possible futures. Developed by futurists from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies in collaboration with the brightest minds, notorious leaders, and prolific influences from around the world.

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Issue 2:2018: Afrofuturism is on the rise. It is both a genre and a way of thinking that blends Afro-culture, science fiction, magical realism, technology, and traditional African mysticism. It takes many forms, and tells many different stories, but one common feature is that Afrofuturists fight for equality and black people’s right to a place in the future. This issue’s main feature takes a closer look at the cultural movement and its frontline fighters. Other topics and articles include: “Porn is a Funhouse Mirror of American Society” – Interview with Lynsey G. / Green Robots / Video Games as Medicine / Is Big Data Killing Hollywood? / Our Future with Social Robots / It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Feature: The Teflon Pan / Are Your Personal Data a Currency? / The Meme Economy / Futures Past: The Puma Computer Shoe / Tech, Trends, Ideas, and Possible Futures…

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