Scala Regia #3


An arts and culture magazine highlighting the stories behind the history, featuring emerging talents, high-profile personalities, fashion and lifestyle goods.

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The building of each issue of Scala Regia arises as a thrilling adventure and as a promise of new discoveries. In the same fashion of a green sprout, our magazine grows from the insertion of a seed in state of latent life in the soil. That seed, that primordial idea, through the germination of concepts and thanks to the care and nursing of our collaborators, develops into curated stems, leaves and flowers.

How adequate it is therefore that the issue of Scala Regia that we now deliver, fully blossomed, is being presented to you when a matured Spring already made way for the Summer… and what a floriferous issue this is. Sempiternal inspiration for artists and poets flowers sneak through this issue as never before in precedent ones. Porcelain flowers and carved flowers. Woven flowers and embroidered flowers. There are even diamond flowers. And other flowers too…

I believe there is something thoroughly Portuguese about the magazine. Something that relates with a very informal perception of time. A perception that innately connects the present with both the past and the future. Where others furiously rush themselves into the future we excitedly tune our pace to keep up with it while registering the present and celebrating the glories of the past.

Now, when we hand over this issue for all of you to possess, the challenge of producing a new one begins to us. It’s the circle of things. I hope that the following pages are as pleasant for you to consume as they were for us to create!

Diogo Mayo

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