Revue #6


Revue est un magazine français dédié à l’esthétique contemporaine. Inspiré par la littérature, tant pour la diversité de ses formes que pour ses références graphiques, Revue n’est pas contraint par l’actualité. Mode, art, musique, architecture, cinéma, danse, les disciplines artistiques y dialoguent par le biais de conversations inédites.

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Where does the future begin? Deceptively simple, this question has received complex answers from the sciences and major philosophical movements. It is above all an inexhaustible creative compost, the nursery of science fiction, a literary genre that endlessly inspires other artistic disciplines, from fashion to cinema and the fine arts.

Beyond anxiety-ridden projections, it strikes us as essential to consider the future as a surprise, an unexpected novelty. It is this sense of originality, this thrill of the unknown, and its multitudinous possibilities that makes it so inspiring. From the twisted reflections of the past to the conquest of space, this sixth issue of Revue conjugates the future in the plural and presents various visions of what tomorrow might be.

Sigrid Bouaziz, Golgotha,loïc Henry, Kapwani Kiwanga, Mathieu Lindon, Heinz Mack, László Moholy-nagy, Nasa, Lucia Pica, Natacha Ramsay-levi, Rirkrit Tiravanija

Hugo Comte, Laura Coulson, Leon Mark, Mélanie+ramon, Stefanie Moshammer, Marton Perlaki, Benjamin Vnuk, Liam Warwick

Jack Borkett, Danielle Van Camp, Vittoria Cerciello, Julian Ganio, Melissa Levy, Mauricio Nardi

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