Puss Puss #15


PUSS PUSS is an international, bi-annual magazine and online platform for culture, fashion, music and cat lovers. PUSS PUSS is inspired by people who go their own way and are not influenced or told by others what to do – just like cats!

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Diana Silvers – Ibeyi – Koffee – Stella Maxwell – Fernanda Ly – Jean Campbell – Obongjayar – Joy Crookes and many more

Just as we were emerging from the Covid pandemic the world is suddenly facing yet another period of uncertainty, with things that seemed unthinkable just a few weeks ago suddenly becoming dangerously realistic prospects. A flood of information, the feeling of helplessness to change the situation in the world as well as almost two years in isolation are bound to take a toll on our collective mental health. We are not professing that beauty will save the world, it will take a lot more than that, but we hope that creativity and self expression can at least offer a temporary escape and a dose of positive emotions. Welcome to issue 15 of PUSS PUSS – The Beautiful Mind issue!

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