Popshot Quarterly #28


Popshot is an illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood.

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The Earth Issue

The Earth Issue is a collection of vivid writing about the power of our planet, its creativity and our connection to the soil. This engaging selection of short fiction features animal gods, billionaires who escape pandemics on private islands, bodies that sprout flowers, ghosts, and unearthed mysteries. This issue features an exclusive poem by guest author David Harsent.

Words by Miriam Spinrath, Lotte van der Krol, David Harsent, Ty Landers, Natalie Hunter, Daniel McLeod, A C Bevan, Sam Payne, Katie Oliver, Ross Duggleby, Clio Violentza, Emma Mary Hulonce, Robert Bilinski, Michael Ihming Jones, Gregory Dally, Alison Patrick, John Christopher Johnson, Zoe Marzo, Paula Turner, Natascha Starr, Lesley Benzie, Laurence Sullivan, Denni Turp, Claire Kotecki, Ruth Grearson.

Illustrations by Aydan Hasanova, Buba Viedma, Ciaran Murphy, Claudia Salgueiro, Connie Noble, Emilie Muszczak, Fran Hu, Grace Lanksbury, Harriet Lyall, Hattie Clark, Julia Barnes, Kathryn Martin, Laura Parker, Lorenza Cotellessa, Monika Stachowiak, Mulletman, Neil Webb, Olga Zalite, Rebecca Dennis, Roshi Rouzbehani, Sancia Rose, Shaun Lynch, Sylvia Stecher.

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