Popshot Quarterly #25


Popshot is an illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood.

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The Fantasy Issue

The Fantasy Issue is a collection of vivid writing that goes beyond genre to plunder the depths of the human psyche. This issue includes dark, funny and revealing fantasies, from online dating with a murderous twist, to midnight trysts with Elvis, foot fetishes, prophets and mermaids hitting puberty.

Whatever your fantasies, we hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Words by Andrea Holck, Beth Lincoln, Jen Lua Allan, Ursula Brunetti, Rowena Fishwick, Daniel Whigham, Sy Brand, Jill Munro, Nanci Gilliver, Michael Dmytruk, LA Pocock, Aarushi Shetty, Carl “Papa” Palmer, James Sapsard, Steven Borg, Florianne Humphrey, Farhana Khalique, Lindy Newns, John Graham Bailey, Emma Levin, Joanne Ramos, Jessica Kashdan-Brown, Anastasia Gammon, Stephen Daultrey, Emma Hulonce, Angela Arnold.

Illustrations by Eric Chow, Cindy Fan, Jake Williams, Esther Lalanne, Ran Zheng, Kell Kitsch, Abi Stevens, Mitt Roshin, Omar Morgan, Olga Kawacińska, Liah Paterson, Denise Gallagher, Rebecca Ashdown, Sophie Standing, Lorna Jameson, Charlotte Fu, Renzo Razzetto, Lottie Liggins, Vanessa Lovegrove, Anna Knopf, Matthew Brazier, Harry Woodgate, Shauna Mckeon, Jack Snelling, Bistra Masseva, Ewelina Rynkiewicz.

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