Popshot Magazine #19


Popshot is an illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood.

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Issue 19 – The Romance Issue

Our nineteenth issue comprises a heady mix of illustrated short stories, flash fiction and poetry encapsulating the yearning, the promise and the excitement of romance. There are more pages and stories than ever. Inside, we’ll find a surreal tale of a party at a zoo, a satirical guide for reigniting the passion in a relationship and a moving meditation on the emptiness after a break-up.

Words by CJ Atkinson, Jake Attree, Alex Amey, Barry Charman, Jade Cuttle, Justin Dolby, Kirsty Dunn, Mary Fletcher, Jane Frank, Rosalind Goldsmith, Frederick Grady, Emily Hill, Liam Hogan, Laurence Hughes, p.Lane, Joshua Preston, John Reinhart, Kate Smith, Charlotte Spires, Hugh Todd, Robin Vicary, Rob Walton, Olivia Walwyn, Ian Watson and Lizabeth Yandel.

Illustrations by Karolina Burdon, Mirko Càmia, Robbie Cathro, Matt Chinworth, Matt Harrison Clough, John Cei Douglas, Joseph Crisp, Giuseppe Di Lernia, Sam Dunn, Ryan Garcia, Sara Gironi Carnevale, Katherine Lam, Bren Luke, Junghyeon Kwon, Zach Meyer, Nik Neves, Michael Parkin, Partners in Crime, Eglė Plytnikaitė, Daria Skrybchenko, Jan Siemen, Emily Wren and Vector That Fox.

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