Pollen #2 – Creaturely Life


In each issue POLLEN takes a theme from philosophy and explores it through a collision of photography, fiction, essay, poetry and more.

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POLLEN #002 takes as its theme the image of ‘creaturely life’, referring to the peculiar proximity of the human and the animal at the sites where they seem most distinct, and the permanent vulnerability of living creatures at all times tied to their fleshy, suffering, organic base. As a way of thinking about human and animal life (and the interactions and indistinctions between the two) the theme can be read back into thinkers as diverse as Rousseau and Kafka and contemporary philosophers like Giorgio Agamben and Eric Santner. The family resemblance between these approaches is an attunement to the constitutive ‘incompleteness’ of the human as a species and the ultimate lack of foundation for the historical forms of life that distinguish human community. This theme brings into focus ideas around

• embodiment, flesh and the suffering human body
• points of distinction, indistinction and interpenetration between the human and the animal
• inner nature with and against outer nature
• the human being, the human mind; and the ghost in the machine
• political, social and other formations of humanisation and de-humanization
• Homo Sacer and the state of exception

Including: Daisuke YokotaTiane Doan Na Champassak, Lucian Castaing-Tailer and Véréna Paravel, June Yong Lee, Desmond Manderson, Nicky Hannan Marc De Leeuw, Miriam Ticktin, Carlo Salzini, Ann Jeferson, Emma Stewart, Pierre MichonDaniil Kharms, Peter Frederick Mathews, George Szirtes, Miguel Vatter.

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