Peddler #7 – Home


Peddler explores the multi-cultures of food, venturing near and far, and into the homes and kitchens of everyday cooks for their most personal rendition of family recipes and stories.

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In our long awaited Issue 7 of Peddler, we are exploring notions of home, and all the complexities that are associated with this concept. This issue explores home as more than a physical shelter, but home as a feeling, conjuring a sense of belonging, and sometimes the lack thereof. We explore all of this with recipes and stories from Sharon Brenner, Candice Chung, Emiko Davies, Jess Hernandez, Doris Hö-Kane, Xinyue Pan, Audrey Payne, Andrea Pons, Patricia Tanumihardja, Kris Warman, Alyse Whitney, Keira Wright-Ruiz, and Arda Yildirim. Plus recipes for cheesy harissa scones, gamjajeon, tofu and mushroom noodles, medivnyk, vegetarian empanadas and more.

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