Novum 07.20


novum – World of Graphic Design is a monthly magazine featuring the best in contemporary graphic design, illustration, photo design, corporate design and typography. novum also spotlights new talents and the latest trends.

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The days when we could take part in events without a qualm seem a long time ago. We don’t know yet when arts and culture, networking and partying will all be back to normal, but in novum this month we celebrate that vibrant time before social distancing and Zoom parties.

The novum+ section looks at the wealth of »festivals & events« that took place before the lockdown or were in planning. There’s something for everybody: from Norwegian children’s literature to jazz concerts in the Swiss town of Willisau, and an international conference on mental health in Antwerp. In adition we report on an event that has achieved near cult status although it never actually took place: the Fyre Festival. Also waiting for you to enjoy: outstanding posters, innovative websites and clever advertising — plus a cover that more than does justice to the theme, decorated with wonderful hand-lettering by Rosa Kammermeier.

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