Nomad #3


nomad is a magazine for design and society. It views design as a process of shaping the future and as a catalyst for social developments and individual lifestyles.

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The third issue of nomad examines the topic of the changes taking place in our working and living environments.

At Vitra, nomad visited Chief Design Officer Eckart Maise and Head Research & Trend Scouting Raphael Gielgen and gained inspiring insights into Vitra’s vision for the office of the future. In Berlin nomad met Johannes Kleske and mused over why digital transformation is primarily a transformation of ourselves. Photographer Matthias Ziegler’s visit to a Chanel haute couture show unlocked a completely different perspective, exploring the exclusive artistry created by hand-craftsmanship. nomad dropped in on Barber & Osgerby in London to capture Britain’s currently most successful designers at work and in its Travel section, nomad journeyed to Nepal, while Michael Obert in his essay describes why he believes travelling is the best of all possible lifestyles.

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