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Noble Rot magazine attempts to join the dots between wine, music and food. We want to tell stories and inspire people to enjoy what they drink, eat and listen to.

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Riding The Vinous Rainbow

Readers suffering from chromophobia – the irrational fear of colour – look away now: Noble Rot 26’s fabulous new cover stars, Grayson and Philippa Perry, are so bright they’re almost luminescent. “Part of what I love about colour is how it’s an affront to the tyranny of what I call ‘coward’s black’,” Grayson, dressed in kaleidoscopic rubber gnome dungarees, tells Marina O’Loughlin. “It’s that tyranny of wanting to fit in, but at the same time wanting attention. I want to go, ‘YEAH, I WANT ATTENTION’ unapologetically.” Of course, we take such talk as the greenest light to taste our way through the vinous rainbow as the dazzling duo put everyone from the Liberal Elite to Rylan to rights.

Elsewhere in Noble Rot 26, we tour Iran to discover what remains of its 5,000-year-old wine culture, and profile both Maison Trimbach ‘Cuvée Frédéric Emile’, and one of the most mouth-watering trends of recent years: smoky wine. We also present Simon Hopkinson’s wine memoir, and feature recipes from April BloomfieldHenry Harris and Rowley Leigh, as well as stories about Meursault soup, French wine myth, fibbing chefs’ menus, classic wine books, rap music’s obsession with restaurants, the wineification (is that even a word?) of cider, and a reappraisal of the much-maligned Champagne flute.

Like most of the male population of England I’ve never even picked up, let alone read, a Jilly Cooper novel, so it’s enlightening to discover what Daisy Buchanan says they taught her about restaurants in ’Lust for Lunch’ (spoiler: like Daisy’s recent bestselling novel Insatiable, it’s filthy). And talking of bestsellers, we’re honoured to welcome again the ever-brilliant Caitlin Moran, who tells us why the ’80s themed feast Heston Blumenthal cooked for her rates as her ’Greatest Ever Meal’ as well as fast-rising star of Millennial literature Megan Nolan, who writes about hangover meals.

Lastly, if bright colours are your thing please come and be showered in long-overdue attention over lunch or dinner at Noble Rot’s reopened Bloomsbury and Soho restaurants. Chin chin.

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