Mincho #18


Mincho is a magazine for illustration lovers. It features the latest trends in illustration and promotes the artists behind the masterpieces of animated cinema, comic, poster art, typography, video games, children’s books and other significant icons of our time.

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Mincho #18 seeks to explore sexual imagery as expression of id, taboo, freedom, fantasy and pleasure in today’s popular culture and arts, from a pluralistic perspective and beyond the male gaze.

This new issue will probably give readers the tingles. And yes, it has to do with sex.

Illustration: Jeffrey Cheung // Santiago Sequeiros (cover artist) // Marion Fayolle
In Motion: Joy in the Dark (Marta Pajek, Young Yumi, Michaela PavlátováSawako Kabukiand Lori Malépart-Traversy) // Wong Ping
Comic: Liv Strömquist
Art + Design: Jade Schulz
The New Contemporary: Leo Rydell Jost
Have a Nice Book: Hello, love!(Goele DewanckelKeith Negley)
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