Mayday #5


A magazine about culture, society, technology and unpredictable realities. Mayday proves that the future belongs to creativity, free will and strong character, by featuring the non-conformists, the eccentrics and the originals.

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A journey into the biodiverse Amazon Basin with Thomas Lovejoy, researcher and founder of the renowned Forest Fragments project — Aaron Bastani’s opinion on the current economic system’s role in the climate crisis — Feature with Danish artist group SUPERFLEX on what it takes to face cultural challenges — A deep dive into the most natural and unnatural tendencies of the colour green — Utilising art to think ecologically with curator of General Ecology at the Serpentine Galleries, Lucia Pietroiusti — Original fiction shorts  — Photo series examining the ebb and flow of our relationship to the sea  — the Mayday Index and much more.

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