Mayday #1


A magazine about culture, society, technology and unpredictable realities. Mayday proves that the future belongs to creativity, free will and strong character, by featuring the non-conformists, the eccentrics and the originals.

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Issue One

We live in unpredictable times. Times of incredible technological advancement and multi-speed development. Of polarisation and immense socioeconomic shifts. It’s a time of big surprises. We know nothing.

But if we know how to thrive and exist in that uncertainty, we know something. That’s why the future belongs to creativity, free will and strong character. And trust. This is how we embrace the obscure.

In this inaugural issue, we want to emphasise the existence of the non-conformists, the eccentrics and the originals. Their ideas and critical views. No matter what field they may come from.

We believe in critical and independent thinking as much as we prefer character over popularity, and so, Mayday is a magazine full of heroes and villains and extreme ideas. Here you go.


Short documentary

Jawad Mouna is part of a network of seven Syrian opposition media with very different agendas but one common goal: A free and democratic Syria. Watch him and his colleagues in the short documentary about their struggles to express themselves freely, and read the interview with Jawad in Mayday, Issue One.


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