Match-up #2


An independent lifestyle publication which loves to live, travel, research, read, explore, and to relate to the sense of slow living, to embrace producing instead of just consuming.

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– An interview with Australian photographer Nirrimi Hakanson by Deniz Yılmaz Akman
– A story on a new life in a brand new city by Berna Vincent
– Uncensored words of Bethany Toews to herself
– Streets of Cuba, words-pics by Sezgi Olgaç
– Turning point of an old building in Taipei: Huashan 1914 by Özge Yıldırım
– Entering a night in NYC by Çağla Gillis
– A photo essay by Eylül Aslan
– Contemporary Istanbul art fair 2016
– An interview with Zeynep Canaz about her new job in the new page of her life
– A tale of a bread master by Deniz Özdağ, Türker Akman
– Abkhazia, a story of Denef Huvaj who returns to roots
– Charm of kitsch and exaggeration on dinner tables by Deniz Özdağ, Burcu Temiz, Fidan Kandemir
– Review on a young director Xavier Dolan by Anı Ekin Özdemir
– Successful “first feature movies” by Emre Eminoğlu…

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