Ladybeard #3


Ladybeard takes the form and format of glossy magazine but revolutionizes the content. Mainstream media has created a culture of self-hate: it confines our gender, sexuality, dress-seize, pigmentation, imagination and aspirations. Ladybeard is an attempt at liberation.

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The Beauty Issue

We make and unmake ourselves in the image of what our culture finds beautiful. Shape-shifting through time and across continents, who sets the standard tells us something unnerving about who holds power. With this issue of Ladybeard, we want to disrupt the ideal.


Alex Paulus, Alix Marie, Amanda Bates, Andrea Bruce, Ann Queensberry, Anton gottlob, Belinda Drake, Bianca Von Stempel, Bolade Banjo, Bradley lloyd Barnes, Carolyn Korsmeyer, Chardine Taylor-Stone, Chris Kraus, Christina Mullan, Daniel White, Edward Burtynsky, Elaine, Elliot Kennedy, Emma Mulholland, Fabio Sutera, Giles Duley, Isaac Kizza, Jill, Jo Spence, Joy Gerrard, Julie Mehretu, Karolyn Gehrig, Kimberley Heal, Kimberly Clark, Leah Edelman-Brier, Lilia Li-Mi-Yan, Lisa, Lois Mutesi, Lynsey Addario, Maggie Nelson, Maria Oshodi, Mariam Kizza, Maxine Plowden, Maz Green, Meredith Daneman, Morgan Parker, Nadav Kander, Natalie Ambersley, Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Sarah B, Sarah G, Sarah Moore, Sessa Omoregie, Sophie Calle, Takashi Kikuchi, Terry James, Thurstan Redding, Tom Britton, Tom Skelton, Travis Alabanza, Tulsi Vagjiani, Victoria Sin, Will Grundy, Yann Faucher


Albert Tercero, Billy Clark, Bronya Meredith, Chuck Gonzales, Fran Caballero, Freya Morgan, Kalen Hollomon, Kate Gibb, Louise Reimer

Photography & Styling

Alessia Vanini, Anton Gottlob, Bex Day, Bolade Banjo,
Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee, Ellen Pearson, Gem Fletcher,
Jo Broughton, Johnnie Biles, Judy Lewis-Jones, Juliana Kasumu, Kate Peters, Marie Bruce, Maarten De Laet, Neesha Champaneria, Robyn Fitzsimons, Scarlet Evans, Tyro Heath


Abdullah Ahmadi, Andrew Towers, Anita SenGupta,
Charlotte Jansen, Claudia Paterson, Elijah W harris, Gem Fletcher, Georgette Keane, Gretchen E. Henderson, Hannah Abel-Hirsch, Justina Kehinde, Kayslee Collins, Kitty Drake, Kuba Shand-Baptiste, Leanora Volpe, Louisa Dunnigan, Madeleine Dunnigan, Maggie McMuffin, Oliver Goldstein, Phoebe Walsh, Ruby Tandoh, Ruby King, Sadhbh O’Sullivan, Sarah Roberts, Sue Kreitzman, Tom Rasmussen, Tyro Heath

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