Konfekt #2


Konfekt is Monocle’s new stylish sister publication. Readers can expect fresh fashion finds and the best of drinking, dining and travel from Mitteleuropa and beyond. The quarterly also has searching reportage and plenty in the way of luxury news and lesser-known destinations to visit.

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Issue 2 of Konfekt is out now and brimming with spring looks, city dispatches and important conversations. We scope out a fine vineyard in Porquerolles, profile a Portuguese palace-turned-residence and visit Vienna’s 16th-century Spanish Riding School to meet the women behind the reins. There are thoughtful essays, recipes, regimes and a weekend itinerary in Sardinia, plus interiors to covet and interviews with inspiring women.

Keen to learn more? Then it’s time to turn the page. Here are five things you’ll learn under the covers.

  1. How to flambé (Finnish style).
    That is, cut with jallu brandy. A tutorial over the stove with actress Alma Pöysti, who stars in the recent biopic of Moomin creator Tove Jansson.
  2. How to rewrite the rules of fashion retail.
    A conversation with the Berlin-based founders of Gembalies, a brand that uses salons to engage (and gauge) its customers. It turns out that getting to know your clientele is a winning ticket.
  3. The call of the sea.
    Take to the waves with artist and fashion designer Marguerite Bartherotte, who works in a bosky alfresco studio on the tip of the Cap Ferret peninsula in France.
  4. How to play town and country mouse.
    We introduce a Parisian couple who have decamped to Lisbon, acquired a faded urban 18th-century palácio and built a sleek simple timber seaside cabin on the beach.
  5. A lesson in mixing the perfect shakerato.
    The iced espresso is a staple of Italian zinc countertops and ideal to put a spring in your step on balmy days.
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