It’s a Passion Thing #3


A journal about creating a style of life with passion. IT’S A PASSION THING is an independent journal about ‘passionate making and the creation of a style of life’.

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In this issue, we talk to:In the third issue we talked to:

  • KATIE MELUA – On writing the most personal lyrics for Album No. 8
  • FRAMEWORKS BERLIN – Claire d’Orsay and Barbara Fellmann set out to create a business they want to work in
  • BIEL HUGUET – How to live up to family tradition and keep innovating at the same time
  • LIZ MICHAEL – From makeup artist to founding a natural paint brand
  • ZITA COBB – Creating a social business around art, hospitality, furniture making, and cod fishing
  • HARUMI KURIHARA – From housewife to cooking star
  • FLOYD – How skateboards inspired two friends to build modern suitcases
  • KLAUS DISSERTORI – Creating hospitality in South Tyrol
  • FRANCES VAN HASSELT – Weaving origin into handmade rugs in South Africa
  • PETER IBSEN – Turning the love of art into a profession, interview by Liz Michael
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