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IdN magazine is an international publication for creative people on a mission to amplify and unify the design community in Asia-Pacific and other parts of the world. It is devoted to bringing designers from around the globe together to communicate with, learn from and inspire one another. It has truly become what the initials of its title proclaim it to be: an international designers’ network.

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Although it’s curious to think that mainly paper-based stationery still has such a large role to play in this Internet Age, it undoubtedly epitomizes that trade-off: it should look good while providing a basic amount of vital information — name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail, etc. This is where the struggle between form and content takes centre-stage.

Is it all about selling a brand or establishing an identity? And what is the difference anyway? The line that separates the two seems to be fast disappearing and many people these days would have difficulty differentiating between them. If a brand is about the relationship between a company or a product and its customers, identity could be said to be about building a memory structure around that brand through consistent, engaging artefacts that reflect a series of values.


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