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IdN magazine is an international publication for creative people on a mission to amplify and unify the design community in Asia-Pacific and other parts of the world. It is devoted to bringing designers from around the globe together to communicate with, learn from and inspire one another. It has truly become what the initials of its title proclaim it to be: an international designers’ network.

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Although more commonly referred to as “comics”, especially if the tales told concern the antics of super-heroes, the remit of a narrative genre in which illustrations share equal billing with the words is much wider than that of simply propagating fantastic world-saving feats.

It can involve film-making story-boards, animation and speech balloons, and with its 2D presentation of “moving” graphics, it acts as a kind of halfway house between literature and the cinema. Good drawing skills are as necessary as the ability to delineate a plausible story-line. But within those very wide parameters, there is room for as many styles as there are practitioners of them.


Alex Arizmendi aka MFK00 | Amélie Fléchais | Anand Radhakrishnan | Anthony Summey/Summey Illustration | Asaf Hanuka | Briony May Smith | Butcher Billy | El Don Guillermo | Enrique Fernández | Freak City | Gavin Aung Than | Jakub Rebelka | Jared Muralt | Jiye Kim | Jordi Lafebre | Julien Perron | La Nonette | Joachim Leclercq | Loïc Locatelli Kournwsky | Max Baitinger | Mike Anderson aka Mikuloctopus | Miquel Muerto | Pablo Delcielo | Paul Maybury | Sam Taylor | Sherif Adel/Barbatoze Comics | Taarika John | Thomke Meyer | Thrashead | Tomáš Olekšák | Tonci Zonjic | Tony Cliff | Von Randal | Wes Craig | Xabi Mendoza/Le Stryge Studios | Zimzonowicz

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