Huck #74


Huck celebrates independent culture – people and movements that paddle against the flow. Inspired in the rebellious heritage of surf and skate. It celebrates counterculture, seeking out freethinkers, new thoughts and ideas.

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The Action Issue

In times like these, the act of making something happen for yourself has never felt more urgent. Our latest print instalment celebrates doing just that – spotlighting the people moving to transform their worlds for the better.

In this issue, you’ll find skateboarders in Beirut fighting for public space, months after that cataclysmic blast changed their city forever. There are surfers, too, this time in the form of ‘Color The Water’, an LA surf collective who formed during the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. We have roller skaters, basketball players and a teenage quad bike crew in Oman. Vic Mensa is here as well, plus Chuck D and Róisín Murphy, while there’s a tour of Red River Gorge, Kentucky, courtesy of climber Kathy Karlo.

In short: these are stories of people in constant motion, all of whom are actively working to change the world around them. Because in this respect, there’s always work to be done.

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