Huck #63


Huck celebrates independent culture – people and movements that paddle against the flow. Inspired in the rebellious heritage of surf and skate. It celebrates counterculture, seeking out freethinkers, new thoughts and ideas.

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In this issue, we’re all about making the impossible possible – celebrating the dreamers determined to make their vision a reality, no matter how unlikely it seems.

Join us as we dive into a world of boundless opportunity…


The bizarre world of indie wrestling
A low-budget, high-energy platform where DIY daredevils band together.

Furry fandom
An insider illuminates his wildly misunderstood community.

Mods, Skins & Lowriders
Photographer Owen Harvey documents timeless subcultures that champion style, heritage and community.

Twin Peaks
Now that TV’s weirdest legacy has been affirmed, co-creator Mark Frost is ready to offer some closure.

London’s new generation of jazz heroes
In a world of manufactured sound, this bright-burning scene represents pure freedom.

The Florida Project
After years on the fringes, director Sean Baker has become Hollywood’s boldest visual activist.

Japanese Radiohead
Cuba’s reggaeton revolution
The animated escapism of Steven Universe
Beyond Afrofuturism
Alex Honnold, El Capitan’s conqueror
How to be a self-taught tattoo artist
Stefani Nurding, skate diplomat
Madam X on how to start a record label
Vitaliy Raskalov, daredevil climber

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