Huck #61


Huck celebrates independent culture – people and movements that paddle against the flow. Inspired in the rebellious heritage of surf and skate. It celebrates counterculture, seeking out freethinkers, new thoughts and ideas.

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In this issue, we’re all about the rock stars, renegades and idealists who refuse to sugarcoat life – making no apologies for who they are.


Liam Gallagher
The brashest man in music is back to remind us why he’s the last true rock’n’roll star.

Naomi Klein
The cult writer on how we can defeat man-baby disaster capitalists like Trump, if we knuckle down, dream big and get real.

Jamal Shabazz
Streets photographer Jamel Shabazz has spent his life documenting the city that never sleeps.

Piss Drunx
This crew adopted a ‘fuck everything’ attitude that made them skateboarding icons. Looking back, many count themselves lucky to have made it out alive.

Athens: DIY Paradise
Greece has stiffed its youth with a failed economy and a crumbling capital. But if you’re a self-starter thinking big, Athens is alive with possibility.

Prison Photography
The US prison system is an overcrowded wasteland of wayward lives. But a handful of photographers are determined to humanise those shunned by society.

Nick Broomfield
Regrets? Nick Broomfield has a few. But each one has helped shape an unrivalled path in gonzo filmmaking.

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