Holo #2


Emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology.
It features personal encounters with leading practitioners, visits to key studios and institutions around the world, analysis from prominent thinkers and niche experts—each issue of HOLO is a thorough record of timely trends and paradigms, mixing long-form journalism with striking photography in premium print.

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From the paradoxical nature of our impending quantum (computing) future to the enduring mystery of the Big Bang – the ideas explored in HOLO 2 could not be any bigger. We think it shows.

It’s no surprise that insatiable curiosity mixed with, at times, stubborn determination yielded another beast of a magazine – at 236 pages, HOLO 2 is not only bigger than our first outing; it surpasses it in many ways. We’ve never worked with so many contributors across such great distances (about 12,000 km between Casey Reas in LA, Fanqiao Wang in Shanghai and Mitchell Whitelaw in Canberra – we truly span the globe). In our effort to contextualize the present we dove even deeper into the past (in search for true randomness we look back to beginning of the universe, and we met face to face with 92-year old digital art pioneer Vera Molnar) and we brought art and science a little closer together as well (by having software artist Casey Reas chat with theoretical computer scientist Scott Aaronson). “Technology has already blurred absolutes to great effect,” we muse on disciplinary “superposition” in our editorial note. And both the wealth of fields covered – astronomy, data science, human-computer interaction, psychology, social engineering – and the breadth of talents involved in creating it make this magazine equal parts documentation and product of nascent transdisciplinary practice. Welcome back to the frontiers of 21st century creativity.

Each copy of HOLO 2 comes with a PRNG (paper random number generator) for you to assemble. Not quite a timepiece and not quite a compass, this ‘cryptoclock’ can dial up random numbers around the clock.

Encounters: Timo Arnall (NO), Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP), Jürg Lehni (CH), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (MX/CA), Vera Molnar (HU), Katie Paterson (UK), Tale of Tales (BE/US)

Inquiry: ‘IF/THEN’ – An investigation of chance, predictability, and (true) randomness

Contributors: Dorothy Feaver, Michelle Kasprzak, Geoff Manaugh, Simon Parkin, Paul Prudence, Casey Reas, Jim Rossignol, Daniel Rourke, Vera Sacchetti, Daniel Shiffman, Scott Smith, Georgina Voss, Daniel West, Mitchell Whitelaw, Will Wiles

Guest Designer: Karsten Schmidt

Guest Artists: Jacopo Atzori, Ted Davis, Cedric Flazinski, Coralie Gourguechon, Eva Hillreiner, Peter Stemmler, Fanqiao Wang, Ludwig Zeller

Photographers: Anne Gabriel-Jürgens, Nina Lüth, Robin Maddock, Ye Rin Mok, Victor Nomoto, James Pearson-Howes, Rick Pushinsky, Vincent Tsang

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