Herdes #4 – The Californian Issue


Herse is a travel & style magazine edited in Barcelona.

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California is all-encompassing. It is a living creature made of sand, salt and wood, undergoing constant change; a restless and unreachable entity. She hides enigmatically behind a misty veil, while baring her charms in the false calm of the desert. Her forests explode towards the sky and her mountains challenge the ocean. California mutates in every atom, expanding in opposite landscapes that encompass unique patterns of thought, home to a human universe of contrast and of ways of interrogating oneself and the environment.
Some of its cities emerge like a miracle under the sun, on the desert and the naked mountains, silent witnesses of beauty and artificial commodities. Others diminish their human inhabitants with the sheer size of its constructions. These gigantic conurbations spread their asphalt tentacles following a restless rhythm, the rhythm of the vibrant steps of its dwellers, who emerge victorious from their fight against the dictatorship of the clock. Open spaces capable of creating a new horizon with dreams from all around the world, places that can redefine identities and infuse them with new energy.

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