Herdes #3 – The Madridean Issue


Herse is a travel & style magazine edited in Barcelona.

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Vol. III “The Madridean Issue”

The Community of Madrid is the place where everything becomes complete, in there is dialogue of opposites to create a new world. Eternity blends with the fugacity of different periods.

Madrid is a city open with a starry sky full of hopes, a place where dreams become tangible. On its streets people celebrate their leisure and toast to life under its firmament. They celebrate life while the wind brings round the chorus of its bustle, the echo of a cyclic energy that daily renovates the universe. Under the immensity of its cement landscape, stones beat to the rhythm of the bodies.

The Madrid region is also the quiet, the infinity of a being that lives and feels from its centre. A natural world, impassibly treasuring the passing of cycles, the fluidity of fluxes, antiquity preserved in a modern wrapper. The undulating horizon of animated forests, a persisting past concentrated on itself, where the veil of night falls and the morning pushes forward with the unavoidable continuity of ancestral time.

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