Grøss #4


GRØSS is a contemporary art platform focused on creative talent, cross-pollination, and ingenuity.

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In VOL. 4: Eyes on the Prize, we journey all the way to the end of the rainbow to confront the mythical pot of gold and/or question its very existence. Our contributors reveal the goals they’re chasing creatively, professionally and personally; their great distractions, great rewards, and what happens when they finally achieve said goals (or not). We focus on focusing, think about thinking and feel every feeling; setting our sights on an existential horizon and riding into the proverbial sunset of our creativity. Join us as we chronicle the emotions, surprises and delights of the road.

– Endurance Silk cover to cherish
– 176 pages of invaluable wisdom
– 13 tantalizing, removable stickers

Ace Hotel, Andy Dixon, Anthony White, ARTXIV, Davey Leaviitt, Dean “Chooch” Landry, Ferrari Sheppard, Hubble Studio, Jacob Scesney, Jerry Gogosian, Jess Valice, Lauren YS, Lita Albuquerque, Mario Arnone, MCQ / Deb Never, Mr. StarCity, Nicole McLaughlin, Outfront Media, Peter Gronquist, Shepard Fairey, Something Silly Agency, Sonia Pacheco, The Haas Brothers, The Shoe Surgeon

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