Gentle Rain #3


Gentle Rain is a magazine about Hamburg. It looks at co-existence in urban space, portrays people in the city and shows how they live and work. The magazine also makes excursions into the creative habitats, urban enclaves and nearby retreats in and around this metropolis in Germany.

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Our independent city magazine leads to places off the beaten tourist track and to people with out-of-the-ordinary lifestyles and ideas. We talked to the founders of Club Moloch about life together in the big city, questioned two-wheeler repairman Ingolf Köster about his back yard family and gentrification, and philosophised with VR artist Tobias Wüstefeld about shifting boundaries. In addition, Spiegel columnist Anja Rützel proposes five alternative concepts for Hamburg’s new showpiece, the Elbtower. Journalist Tanja Mokosch tracked down the last generation of people with the right to live in the allotment garden association’s turf on the island of Billerhude. Her cover story unites DIY home improvers, garden gnomes and head-set-wearing bosses.

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