Gayletter #10


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Featuring Frank Ocean

Frank is one of the most talented and (from the outside) elusive musicians alive, but in working on this story he was forthcoming, open and thoughtful discussing a whole range of subjects, from the queer influences who have shaped him, to dating apps, to what he wished he’d done when he met the president (the last one, not the new one).

Contributors: Tom Bianchi, Elliott Brown Jr, Paul Cadmus, Lucas Castro Pardo, Anthony Cudahy, Vincent Dilio, Jared French, Margaret French, Matt Grubb, Lyle Ashton Harris, Radimir Koch, Doron Langberg, Orograph, Pantelis, Collier Schorr, Tom Selmon, Devan Shimoyama, Michael The Iii, Salman Toor, Gioncarlo Valentine, Stephen Velastegui, Gerardo Vizmanos, Kyle Vu-dunn, Andy Warhol and many more.

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