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Eye, the international review of graphic design, is a quarterly printed magazine about graphic design and visual culture.

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Type special

This type special issue of Eye, the international review of graphic design, includes the must-read, three-part ‘Type Now’ (with articles by Jan Middendorp, Sarah Snaith and Peter Biľak), a profile of Hansje van Halem and Elizabeth Resnick’s feature about influential Swiss designer Thérèse Moll (1934-61), and much more. Eye 98 also looks the story behind Swiss type foundry Nouvelle Noire’s Rektorat; Commercial Classics, Paul Barnes’s extensive revival of nineteenth-century typefaces; a foundry continuing to cast metal type in Darmstadt; an article about the late Bram de Does; and many more essential insights, observations, essays and reviews.

‘Type now’ focuses on three burning issues in contemporary type: independence, originality, and the business of making a living from type design. Though the designers of the fonts shown in the extensive ‘Type now’ section span the globe, our other stories focus on Europe. We investigate the legacy of Swiss designer Thérèse Moll, the young designer credited with introducing Swiss typography to MIT and, in the Netherlands, the explorations of Hansje van Halem who designs like a human algorithm.

In ‘Last man casting’, Ferdinand Ulrich visits the living archive that is Rainer Gerstenberg’s foundry in Darmstadt and we look at Paul Barnes’s excavation of the St Bride ‘treasure trove’ that inspired Commercial Classics.


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