Elementum #5 – Hearth


Nurturing our connection to the natural world, Elementum gives space to reflect and absorb ideas. Guided by a theme for each edition, it will bring together the scientist’s findings with the artist’s response and the ecologist’s observation with the writer’s reflection to craft stories of transformation, exploration and intrigue, retaining curiosity and always a sense of wonder at the unknown and unseen.

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In Edition Five we gather round the hearth, as we have since the Stone Age, to listen to stories, honour those who have gone before and lean in to discern what the earth might be telling us.

Raynor Winn writes from experience about what happens when we leave the four walls we call home and walk into the unknown, while Colin Taylorlearns from the animals that curl round our feet but whose domestication is only skin deep. With Helen Scales, who draws on the writing of Rachel Carson, we follow currents that unite bodies of water that are all one ocean, and with Stephen Moss we scan the heavens for lines of migration travelled by birds and butterflies. In rural Humboldt County, artist-blacksmith Monica Coyne considers carbon and iron – elements that unite us with every living thing – and questions the mighty but destructive forces of her trade.

This edition offers work from storytellers – such as Sara BaumeWyl Menmuir and Eleanor Parker – while celebrating the vision of artists including Lucy EldridgeNeil Gower and Catherine Hyde. With other storytellers, we travel from the fired earth of Hawai‘i to the Flow Country peatlands of Scotland, and from the early settlements of Papua New Guinea to the towns of medieval Humberside, learning from the expertise of others and exploring different ways to capture a deep connection to place. Above all we understand, as Nicola Davies and Jim Crumley urge, to look at and listen intently to a particular patch of land to find the insight innate in the creatures that live there.

Contributors include Sara Baume (A Line Made By Walking), Jim Crumley (The Nature of Autumn), Nicola Davies (A First Book of Nature), Stephen Moss (Wild Hares & Hummingbirds), Helen Scales (Eye of the Shoal), and Raynor Winn (The Salt Path), with illustrations and art from Georgie BennettLucy EldridgeNeil GowerCatherine Hyde and Jenny McLaren.

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