Elementum #3 – Roots


Nurturing our connection to the natural world, Elementum gives space to reflect and absorb ideas. Guided by a theme for each edition, it will bring together the scientist’s findings with the artist’s response and the ecologist’s observation with the writer’s reflection to craft stories of transformation, exploration and intrigue, retaining curiosity and always a sense of wonder at the unknown and unseen.

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In Edition Three we travel to the islands of Haida Gwaii, thought to be where the first humans settled in what is now Canada, and we consider the species that once roamed our lands but now exist only in song, story or bone. We go deep underground, and into the ‘dark wilderness’ of caves, and we reflect on the complicated and elusive history of the Green Man. We consider the fragile ecologies of islands, join a poet and an artist in pursuit of the spirit of Edward Thomas, and tell the story of abandoned mines through extraordinary three-dimensional maps. These and other stories are accompanied by breathtaking images from printmakers, illustrators and photographers.

With contributions from Kathleen Jamie, Jim Crumley and Wyl Menmuir, and featuring commissioned illustration from Catherine Hyde and Jackie Morris.

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